Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Latest News from Media Boy HQ on new channels testing 2017

Last updated March 29th 2017 at 12:42 (THIS POST WILL STAY AT TOP OF BLOG FOR NOW):

Media Boy Blog will keep updating this post to give you all the latest information we can reveal on this post.

What is testing - here is the latest list of new channels testing we have (Text last updated on March 15th 2017):

Channels still testing:
  • That's Solent has also been testing since sometime in 2015 (We forget when) with still no confirmed launch date.
  • Fox News Channel has been testing since July 1st 2016 with still no confirmed launch date.
  • Viceland has been testing since December 5th 2016 with still no confirmed launch date.

Channels launch:
  • ITV PPV HD has been testing since January 23rd 2017 and did launch on January 30th 2017 on TiVo boxes.
  • Quest Red has been testing since March 7th 2016 and did launch on March 15th on Virgin  UK Channel 215.


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